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Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

450 USD

Tuesdays from 4-5:30, and 5:30-7pm Starting January 23rd 

PLEASE NOTE: TWO Sections, First geared toward middle school, second high school :) 

This class will focus on the basics of movie editing. Students will learn about the history of film editing, and splice together 8mm and 16mm film and watch their final product on a projector. Then we will be focusing on modern, digital editing where students will be using tools from a variety of different editing software. They will become familiar with Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, and After Effects. Students will bring in videos of their own and will apply editing skills and techniques as instructed in class.

Movie Editing Techniques-

8mm & 16mm Film Splicing Titles & Graphics
Color Correction
Green Screen

Sound Editing
Keyframes & Special Effects


•Film Splicing (Create a film by splicing together 8mm or 16mm film. This is a creative project where students can paint, scratch and utilize creative techniques that we discuss in class.) •Music Video (Utilizing sound editing, keyframes and effects)
•News Broadcast (Utilizing green screen and split screen)

•Short Film (A 1-5 minute short film, using only two characters. Must utilize color correction and no dialogue)
•Title Sequence (Utilizing titles & graphics)