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Glee camp!

Glee camp!

350 USD
6/11- 6/22 (two weeks)
Monday through Friday 

Ages 7-15 

6/11-6/15 AT WILDFLOWER SCHOOL OF VOICE 3217 Walnut St Boulder, CO 
6/18-6/22 AT REEL KIDS 602 Center Dr. Suite E and F Superior, CO 

Come join Reel Kids and Wildflower for a Gleeful two week! Study the meaning of choir/collaboration and solo artistry in a one week intensive! Prepare to move, concentrate, laugh, dance and learn as we create a short concert of some of our favorite songs! What goes into unaccompanied singing? How do we listen, react and experience our voice as an instrument? Learn all of this and more!

Prepare for this songful summer! * There will be a performance 6/22 at 7pm! 

**PLEASE NOTE TWO LOCATIONS FOR THIS CAMP, First week at the music school to lear all songs and practice in separate rooms with separate coaches. Second week is at REEL KIDS to practice with microphones and choreography.