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Rose Red: A New Musical

Rose Red: A New Musical

800 USD

Ages 8-18 

12:30-5pm M-F  June 4th-29th 

Shows June 29th-July 1st 

Rose Red is a new musical by Kelly McAllister & Kari Kraakevik based on the classic fairy tale “Rose Red and Snow White” by the Brothers Grimm, “Rose Red” is the adventure of two sisters: the wild Rose and the obedient Snow, who live in the forest with Mother Chrysanthemum. When the malicious Imp and the cursed Timberwolf enter their world, life becomes much more interesting…and dangerous. With the help of the noble but confused knights Sir Lost, Sir And, and Sir Found, Rose and Snow confront the evil Endorra Belle, the dreaded Wolf King and the Armies of the Night. Some hearts are shattered, some redeemed as secrets are revealed, and destinies fulfilled.